Music and Worship After All These Years CD

After All These Years CD

After All These Years CD
Artist: Brian JohnsonJenn Johnson
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Brian and Jenn Johnson have been songwriting, leading worship, and overseeing Bethel Church's Worship Department for more than 15 years. After All These Years captures their story in this highly-anticipated studio album released by Bethel Music.

After All These Years title track sweeps listeners across a moving orchestral landscape paired with honest lyrics sung by Brian: "It amazes me after all You've done, it amazes me, You're still running after us..." This theme marks the project as a whole: a reflective look back on God's faithfulness and a hopeful looking ahead. In lyric and instrumentation, the project evokes a feeling of timelessness and unfettered hope. Each song reflects the seasoned journey of its writers, while capturing the wonder, conviction, and tenderness of heart that has marked this last season of life for the Johnsons. Underlying each track is the message that the unseen history we build with God becomes the greatest treasure that sustains our lives.

Track list:

  • Mention of Your Name
  • Only Jesus
  • Gravity
  • I Won't Forget
  • Mercy and Majesty
  • Here I Bow
  • Greater Than All Other Names
  • After All These Years
  • You're Gonna Be Okay
  • For the One
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ISBN-13: 0714929845368
Publisher: Bethel Music
Publication Date: January 2017
Format: Audio CD
No. of Discs: 1 disc
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