Dr. Randy Clark Randy CDs Biblical Basis for Healing CD

Biblical Basis for Healing CD

Biblical Basis for Healing CD
Speaker: Dr. Randy Clark
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In this CD message, Randy lays out a clear biblical foundation regarding the ministry of healing and its place in the finished work of Christ. He shows how God has revealed Himself as the Healer. He uses the Scriptures to assure us that God is very interested in having all believers pray for the sick with confidence and faith. He explains the scope of healing, the myster of healing, and how we are to respond both when people are healed and when they are not.

When you find yourself confronted by those who say that healing is not for today, you will be able to help them understand what God and the Bible says about praying for the sick and healing. Not only will you be able to effectively share this message, but can put its principles into practice in your own life.

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Publisher: Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
Publication Date: 2013
Format: Audio CD
No. of Discs: 1 disc
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