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Called To Reign

Called To Reign
Author: Leif Hetland
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Learning To Live and Love From a Place of Rest... Like most Christians, you long to fulfill your calling. You seek the inheritance God has promised you. And you work hard to serve Him well and enter into His rest.But what if your destiny is already within reach? What if you already have access to all the things He has promised? What if, instead of working for rest, you can actually work from rest?

The world, including most of the church, is working hard in order to find peace and rest. That’s why we see a constant cycle of restlessness around us. But we were designed to work from a place of rest, fully secure in our identity as children of God. This resting place is found in intimacy with the Father, where His family members experience complete acceptance and extravagant love.
The resting place is there, available from God anywhere, anytime.
We are sons and daughters of a loving Father, not orphans trying to figure out who we are. We are called to reveal the true nature of God, and we cannot do that with an orphan mindset. When sons and daughters arise in the church, the world will begin to see the true nature of the Father and His family―a family that sees promises, not problems, and that reigns with Him!
Using his well-known illustration of the three chairs, Leif Hetland explores the four pillars of this resting place, addressing four crucial questions:
Identity: Who are you?
Intimacy: Where are you?
Inheritance: What do you have?
Destiny: What are you called to do?
The key to fulfilling your destiny is realizing the answers to each of these questions―in the order God designed for us.
This book is will help you experience everything God wants for you by finding a resting place for yourself and becoming a resting place for Him. It is about an entirely different way to see and live, a way that refreshes, restores, and brings life. It is an invitation into the fullness and abundance that empowers you to do what you were called to do―to reign with Him!
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ISBN-13: 9781947165014
ISBN-10: 1947165011
Publisher: Convergence Press
Publication Date: November 2017
Format: Hardcover book
Page Count: 320 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
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