Elevate 2017 USB

Elevate 2017 USB
Speaker: Benjamin WilliamsBob HazlettDr. Mike HutchingsKathy DorrellKatie LuseTom Holloway

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Do you feel like you're not soaring on wings like eagles? The Elevate conference is designed to empower and equip you with new spiritual gifts, and to build into spiritual gifts you already have, that you would be lifted up to new heights. Come gain new insight into living an elevated lifestyle, and how to affect those around you with the uplifting love and power of God.

Speakers included Ben Williams (Global School staff member), Bob Hazlett, Kathy Dorrell (Global staff member), Katie Luse (Global School staff member), Mike Hutchings (Global School Director) and Tom Holloway (Global School staff member). 

This USB stick contains all 11 sessions in MP3 audio format.

Weight 0.25 lbs
Publisher: Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
Publication Date: June 2017
Format: USB Stick
Running Time: 11 sessions
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