Movies Finger of God Deluxe DVD Set

Finger of God Deluxe DVD Set

Finger of God Deluxe DVD Set
Artist: Darren Wilson
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The Finger of God Deluxe Edition includes the remastered version of the original film, as well as another 2 DVDs of extra footage, interviews, teachings and insights.

The 3 DVD set is packaged as such:
  • Disc 1: The Film: Finger of God film with Director’s Commentary
  • Disc 2: Stories & Theology: Over 2 hours of miracle stories from around the world. Also, nearly 2 hours of people like Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Dennis Balcombe, and the entire cast of Finger of God discussing various issues regarding the theology of what is in the film, answering the skeptics, etc…
  • Disc 3: Extra Footage & Everything Else: Over 75 minutes of extra footage shot on the streets with Jason Westerfield, Heidi Baker, Georgeian Banov and the Gypsies, and more! Also, nearly 4 hours of extra stuff that has no real category, but was so good we had to include it. Included: the full story of Heidi Baker and how God brought about the amazing work in her and in Mozambique; Ian Andrews giving an incredibly easy-to-understand teaching on words of knowledge; and much, much more!

While filming Finger of God over a two year period, Darren was obviously able to see and hear some amazing things that simply didn’t make it into the final cut. We have tried to put together the best of what Darren was able to film for this collection, and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you all. If you liked the movie, then you’re absolutely going to LOVE this edition of the film.

Featuring: Carol & John Arnott, Heidi & Rolland Baker, Georgian Banov, Kaye & Harold Beyer, Randy Clark, Jeff Jansen, Bill Johnson, Chris Overstreet, Sid Roth, Kris Vallotton, and many more!
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ISBN-13: 0827836008426
Publisher: Wanderlust Productions
Format: DVD
No. of Discs: 3 discs
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