Movies Furious Love Deluxe DVD Set

Furious Love Deluxe DVD Set

Furious Love Deluxe DVD Set
Artist: Darren Wilson
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The Deluxe Edition is for anyone who wants more of what they saw in Furious Love. While the standard version of the film includes the film (obviously) and the director’s commentary, the Deluxe Edition includes both of those things as well as another 2 DVDs of extra footage, interviews, and more.
The 3 DVD set is packaged as such:
  • Disc 1: Furious Love film with Director’s Commentary.
  • Disc 2: The Making of Furious Love - A humorous look at Darren and his crew as they travel the world filming Furious Love. The Theology of Furious Love - A compilation of the Furious Love interviews on the theology of love. A Photographic Journey - The entire journey of making Furious Love through the best of our photos from around the world. Narrated by Darren Wilson.
  • Disc 3:From the Cutting Room Floor - The best stories that didn’t make the cut. The Reality of the Battle - A compilation of the Furious Love interviews focusing on the reality of the battle raging between good and evil. Bokaro - Visit the site of the miraculous children’s home in Bokaro, India.
While filming Furious Love over a two year period, Darren was obviously able to see and hear some amazing things that simply didn’t make it into the final cut. We have tried to put together the best of what Darren was able to film for this collection, and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you all. If you liked the movie, then you’re absolutely going to LOVE this edition of the film.
Featuring: Greg Boyd, Stacey Campbell, Robby Dawkins, Harmony Dust, Angela Greenig, Craig Gross, Will Hart, Jeff Jansen, Philip Mantofa, J.P. Moreland, George Otis Jr., Mattheus van der Steen, Kris Vallotton, and many more!
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ISBN-13: 0854835003060
Publisher: Wanderlust Productions
Format: DVD
No. of Discs: 3 discs
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