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Let's See What Sticks

Let's See What Sticks
Author: Scott Kelso
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What Vital Choices Can We Personally Apply to Kingdom Living Principles Right Now in Our Daily Lives? Many people have a general concept about the Kingdom of God but do not really know how to relate Kingdom living to their lives in the 21st century.

After 38 years in ministry, Pastor Scott Kelso knows what works and what doesn't. In Let's See What Sticks, he presents the inside track on how you can personally identify and apply the transformational Kingdom principles in your life to improve your Christian walk. He answers the common dilemma asked by most modern Christians: "where do I fit in and how can I use my particular resources most effectively?"

In Let's See What Sticks, Pastor Scott unpacks Biblical principles and pastoral philosophies from the congested, unengaged dogma clogging our churches as 'everyone's opinions.'


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