MP3 and Download Help

MP3 and Download Help

This page is a series of Frequently Asked Questions about our downloads.

Q. What are MP3s?
A. MP3's are a digital audio format. They are computer files that can be played on most music software on your Mac or PC, and also placed on handheld music players like an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Q. Can I make a regular CD from my MP3s?
A. Yes. If you use a program like iTunes, you can make put all of your downloaded MP3s in a playlist (or multiple playlists) and then burn that playlist to a regular audio CD. In iTunes, you simply select your new playlist in the side bar and the go to File, Burn Playlist to Disc, then choose Audio CD as the format. iTunes will tell you if your playlist is too long to fit on one CD.

Q. Why is my download a .Zip file?
A. .Zip is a compressed internet download format. On most computers, if you double click your downloaded .zip file, it will unzip into a folder of files. Several of our products are in .Zip format to save space and time when you download (usually the PPT products are zipped).

Q. How do I get my .mp3 files into my music software?
A. If you're using something like iTunes, you should be able to drag each file into the open iTunes window and it will copy them to the program. Once you know they are in your music program, you can delete them from your download or desktop folder. Sometimes double clicking your downloaded files will cause your computer to ask you what application you want to use them in.

Q. Why are the audio tracks out of order in my music software?
A. In most cases, once you make a playlist of songs, you can click on the column headings above the songs to change the order. In the case of iTunes, you can choose the Track header and it will order the songs by track (click it again and it will reverse the order).

Q. What if the column headers mentioned previously aren't showing up in my iTunes playlist window?
A. You should be able to go to the View Menu and then choose View Options. This will bring up a window that lets you choose which columns you want to view in your playlist. Just make sure there's a check box next to Track or Album Artist and click Okay.

Q. I bought the physical CD. Can I make MP3s from it?
A. Sure, if you use a program like iTunes, it may even prompt you to "rip" it into AAC (an iTunes only digital format) or MP3 when you first put it into your computer.

Q. My download is finished, but the file ends with .part instead of just .zip or .mp3 and I can't seem to open it!
A. Sometimes though your computer may show that the download is complete, if the file ends with .part, the file did not completely download. As such, it won't open and will likely give you an error message when you try to open it. We suggest you try to download it again. If you try several times and are unable to get anything but files ending in .part, please email us using the Contact Us form on this site and we will work with you on getting your files in a different format.

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