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New Creation Realities

New Creation Realities
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We have found the secret that the psychologists long have sought. It is the "inward man", it is the re–created spirit; it is the part of man with which God deals. It is really an unveiling of what we are in Christ today; of what He says we are; what He has made us to be in His great Redemptive work.

The Pauline Epistles must ever stand as the work of a super–genius or a divine revelation. It lets us into the inner secret of God's mighty purpose in the Incarnation. The four Gospels give us the earth walk of the Master, but the Pauline Epistles give us a revelation of what happened on the cross, what followed during the three days and three nights until Christ was raised from the dead. We get the living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ. It is the legal background of our Redemption.

This challenging book should be studied by every earnest student of the Word.

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