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 Revival Fires
Author: Geoff Waugh

History's Mighty Revivals... Revival Fires crosses international lines and travels through hundreds of years to illuminate the word revival as never before.

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 School of Worship 2015 USB stick
Speaker: Caleb QuayeSteve Swanson

School of Worship 2015 held in Mechanicsburg, PA, on March 12-14, 2015, with Steve Swanson and Caleb Quaye. All sessions as MP3 files on USB stick.

NOTE: Please allow up to 1 (one) week for conference media to be produced. Orders will ship as soon as they are ready.

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 Supernatural Missions
Author: Bill JacksonBob EkblodClifton ClarkeDonald KantelDr. Randy ClarkHeidi BakerHoward FoltzJonathan BernisLeif HetlandLesley-Anne LeightonPeter ProsserRolland Baker

The Impact of the Supernatural on World Missions... Building on the stories and experiences of a number of experts, Supernatural Missions clearly established the relationship between the supernatural and missions.

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 The Eternal Defeat of Satan
Author: Joe McIntyre

Many in the Church are waiting for Jesus to return to defeat the devil and to set up His Kingdom. The premise of this book is that both of these events have already taken place.

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 The Healing Gods
Author: Candy Gunther Brown

Complementary and Alternative Medicine In Christian America... The question typically asked about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is whether it works. However, an issue of equal or greater significance is why it is supposed to work.

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 The Impossible Is Nothing
Author: Troy Faust

How God Broke My Heart With His Relentless Love... Troy Faust takes you on a journey into the depths of redemption that only God can engineer. You’ll experience limitless mercy, reality-bending miracles, and life-breathing, laugh-inducing truth that overrides every lie born in darkness.

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 The Invitation Live CD
Artist: Nic and Rachael Billman

ON SALE! The Invitation is a live worship album by Nic and Rachael. The songs on the album were written in spontaneous times of worship. This album is filled with intimate worship, prophetic declarations and intercession.

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 This Your Song CD
Artist: Rebekah van Tinteren

This latest musical wandering for Rebekah van Tinteren is the release of her own album This Your Song (May 2013) brings together Rebekah’s journey of diverse musical experiences and her passion for worship.

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 Turn Toward Mercy
Author: Thom Gardner

ON SALE! Experience the Passion, the Presence, the Glory of God... In a personal and practical way, the author shows readers how to experience dynamic attributes of God by drawing closer to His heart of mercy.

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 Voice of the Apostles 2014 Set Audio downloads
Speaker: Abe HuberBill JohnsonChe AhnClaudio FreidzonCorey PerkinsDamian StayneDavid LeachDr. Mike HutchingsDr. Randy ClarkDr. Tom JonesHeidi BakerJack TaylorJamie GallowayJeff MyersJoe McIntyreJohannah LeachJoseph GarlingtonMark ChironnaMicah Joy WilliamsPaul MartiniRodney Howard-BrowneRolland BakerTimothy BerryWill Hart

Voice of the Apostles, an annual homecoming event for the Global Awakening family, is dedicated to providing a time in which complacency is bound, despair broken and people are given a new agenda, a fresh perspective. This year's event was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, August 11th to 15th, 2014.

This MP3 download will include 40+ recorded sessions in audio format (MP3 downloads). A link will be sent to you once the files are uploaded.


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