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Open My Eyes Lord

Open My Eyes Lord
Author: Gary Oates
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In this exciting book, you will hear Gary Oates’ testimony of what the Lord is doing in the earth today. As a long time Pastor, Gary had a powerful encounter with the Lord that changed his life and ministry while he was in the nation of Brazil. Since the time that he was caught up in the Presence of the Lord, God has opened his eyes to see the ministry of angels in the earth today. Now, he and his wife Kathi, travel the world using their unique gift of discerning angelic activities to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to many.

This book is endorsed by people like Randy Clark, Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson. It is a must read for those longing to know about angelic activity in the earth today.

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ISBN-13: 9780975262207
ISBN-10: 0975262203
Publisher: Open Heaven Publications
Publication Date: December 14, 2005
Format: Paperback book
Page Count: 148 pp
Dimensions: 5 x 8
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