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Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior
Author: Graham Cooke
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Spiritual Warriors are confident, fearless fighters who never run from an opportunity to do battle with the enemy. They have partnered with God in such a way that there is nothing left to fear, because the sheer beauty of His nature has so captivated and filled them that the enemy is pushed away and given no room in their lives.

In Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior, Graham Cooke examines the peacefulness, joy and confidence; all qualities of people who fight from victory, not towards it. He also explores the attributes required for involvement with God at a high level of warfare.

Book 1 of 3: Way of the Warrior Series In this three volume series, Graham Cooke explores what it means to be captivated by majesty. He is a passionate believer in the supremacy, sovereignty and glory of God in and through the body of Christ. There is a place in the Spirit set aside for us where we make the enemy confused. We weary him by our rest. We discourage him by our faith. We demoralize him with our joy. We depress him by our endurance. He is dispirited by our favor; defeated by our grace. Warriors win by staying fresher, longer.

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Publication Date: 2014
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