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Speaker: Bill JohnsonBob HazlettChe AhnDanilo FigueiraGeorgian BanovHeidi BakerJamie GallowayJohannah ClarkJoseph GarlingtonMark ChironnaMike HutchingsPaul MartiniRandy ClarkReinhard BonnkeRodney HogueSteve SwansonTimothy BerryTom JonesWill Hart

Voice of the Apostles 2013 - our 14th year! Voice of the Apostles, an annual homecoming event for the Global Awakening family, is dedicated to providing a time in which complacency is bound, despair broken and people are given a new agenda, a fresh perspective. The aim of this conference is to bring in many of the current leaders in this move of God. These leaders have traveled around the world in order to live what they preach, experiencing firsthand God’s passion and the release of Heaven’s power.

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