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 10 Lies the Church Tells Women
Author: J. Lee Grady
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How the Bible Has Been Misused to Keep Women in Spiritual Bondage... In his revised and updated book, which includes testimonials, J. Lee Grady boldly proclaims the truth of the gospel: that men and women are appointed by God and empowered by Him.

 A Tale of Three Kings
Author: Gene Edwards

A Study In Brokenness... Many Christians have experienced pain, loss and heartache at the hands of other believers. To those hurt, this compelling story offers comfort, healing and hope.

 Amazed By the Power of God
Author: Frank DeCenso Jr.

The need for power ministry is as strong today as it was when Jesus and the apostles walked the earth. This book is a prophetic call to engage the mission of bringing God's radical love to this hurting world through power ministry.

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 And David Perceived He Was King
Author: Dale Mast

Faith believes what God can do. Identity believes what God can do through you. Let David's journey touch yours.


 Baptized In the Spirit - Pre-Sale
Author: Dr. Randy Clark

PRE-SALE   God's Presence Resting Upon You With Power... “Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?”

Sadly, there has been much division surrounding this one question. Many believe that the Holy Spirit in-dwells a person at the moment of their conversion. Others contest that baptism in the Holy Spirit is a separate experience altogether. Apostolic leader, theologian and healing minister, Randy Clark, shares about how this controversial and often misunderstood experience can be accessible to all Christians - including you!

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 By Grace Alone
Author: Derek Prince

Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism From Your Life...  It's time to stop striving, to walk away from the lies of legalism and to experience the freeing power of His all-encompassing grace.

 Cosmic Initiative
Author: Jack F. Taylor

Restoring the Kingdom, Igniting the Awakening... Well-known speaker and kingdom-seeker Jack Taylor invites us to be reintroduced to the kingdom of God and to experience the recovery of the kingdom gospel—leading to kingdom power, kingdom love, and the greatest kingdom harvest the world has ever seen.

 Created With Purpose
Author: Johannah LeachVictoria West Henady

Become the Confident, Secure, and Powerful Person God Designed You To Be... Do you live in fear of what others think of you? Do you worry about missing out on what God has for your life? Are you lacking the confidence or courage to pursue the dreams in your heart? You have been created with a unique purpose and divine destiny on your life. There are dreams in your heart that are just waiting to be released! 

 Culture of Honor
Author: Danny Silk

Sustaining a Supernatural Environment... This is a book of reformation. Those with power must learn to empower those around them or we will never build Heaven on the Earth.

 Declaring Your Worth
Author: Craig Miller

How to Receive Your Heavenly Inheritance... Each short chapter of this book contains a miracle story with practicul instructions to declare your worth and break free into a greater freedom of abundant life.

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