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Teaching MP3 CD's

There are MP3 CDs of recordered messages from large conferences, in-house events and teachings, as well as media we have selected and purchased for you from other ministries. (An MP3 CD is a disc of audio-only files that will be mailed to you. This can then be played on or downloaded to your computer.)


 SHI 3 Spiritual and Medical Perspectives CD of MP3 Audio files
Speaker: Francis MacNuttJudith MacNuttLeif HetlandMichele KinradeRandy ClarkSteve Mory

The third in the School of Healing and Impartation series, "Spiritual and Medical Perspectives". Listen to a full 24 hours of teaching, covering topics such as the Christian healing model, world views on healing, as well as medical and case studies that have been performed. This event was recorded in West Haven, CT from September 17-20, 2008.