Dr. Randy Clark Randy Books The Essential Guide to Healing Workbook

The Essential Guide to Healing Workbook

The Essential Guide to Healing Workbook
Speaker: Bill JohnsonDr. Randy Clark
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WORKBOOK         Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick... In this hands-on workbook, Randy and Bill help you go deeper on your own or in a group setting. Offers discussion & reflection questions, bonus reading material, Scripture guides, video guides, etc. This will help you discover your authority, how to receive and relay words of knowledge, how to implement and apply the five-step model of healing prayer and more.

The ministry of healing is not reserved for a select few. God's miraculous healing is part of the Good News, and you, too, can become a powerful conduit for the healing power He loves to manifest. "It is our hope that each of you will begin to pray for others to be healed after reading this book... and that some of you will discover that God has given you a gift of healing."--Randy Clark and Bill Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9780800797959
Publisher: Chosen Books
Publication Date: April 2016
Format: Paperback book
Page Count: 155 pp
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
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