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The Healing Breakthrough

The Healing Breakthrough
Author: Dr. Randy Clark
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Healing Can Be a Regular--Not Rare--Part of Life

Creating an Atmosphere of Faith for Healing... Whether you are the one in need of healing or you want to see more people healed, this book will speak to you. With warmth and wisdom, international healing ministry leader Randy Clark takes you on a journey to the very heart of healing prayer and its relationship to faith.

Speaking from both Scripture and firsthand experience, he reveals not only the variables that affect the probability of healing but also the key factors that help create an atmosphere of faith for healing, including how to:

  • Uncover and clear away any false beliefs about healing
  • Navigate the balance between faith and expectation
  • Respond to what God is doing in any circumstance
  • Pray with confidence and speak out in faith
  • Expect results every time

Letting the power of God work through you, you can create an atmosphere of faith to see a healing breakthrough.

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ISBN-13: 9780800797836
Publisher: Chosen Books
Publication Date: May 2016
Format: Paperback book
Page Count: 224 pp
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
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