What if I am tax exempt?

What if I am tax exempt?

Global Awakening Online Bookstore only charges Sales Tax in the State of Pennsylvania.

However, if you are tax-exempt in the State of Pennsylvania, we can help you set up a Tax-exempt account with Global Awakening Online Bookstore. Please do the following:

1. Sign up for an account on the Global Awakening Online Store (click the "Register" link near the red ribbon at the top of the page).

2. Email the Global Awakening Bookstore at bookstore@globalawakeing.com and let us know you are tax exempt. Please provide your Name, Organization, Ministry, or Church you are representing and a phone number to contact you.

3. Or, you may call us at 1(866) 292-5364 or (717) 796-9866 ext. 110.

You will need to provide a signed copy of your Tax Exemption Certificate or PA Form REV-1220 that contains your organizations name and tax exempt number. You can either Fax the certificate or form to (717) 796-9867 or email a scanned copy to bookstore@globalawakening.com

If you have any questions concerning your tax status or about your purchase, please contact us using the above phone numbers or email address.

What if I already added items to my cart and started to check out!?
If you have already started the checkout process and then noticed the tax in the checkout summary, email or call us right away, look for the orange "change" button on the left under where you entered your address. Click Change and look for a check box that says "create account for this email". Check the box and enter a password that you wish to use with your account, then click Apply. After you have done this, call or email us right away. We can turn on the tax exempt tag for your account and you will be able to finish your order without having to start over.