Dr. Randy Clark Randy DVDs Authority to Heal DVD set

Authority to Heal DVD set

Authority to Heal DVD set
Author: Dr. Randy Clark
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Restoring the Lost Inheritance of God's Healing Power

The Supernatural Quest to Restore Your Lost Birthright!

The Bible is filled with divine healing! From cover to cover, Scripture reveals many miraculous healings where the sick, terminally ill, and even the dead are restored to wholeness. So how did healing - something natural for Jesus and the early church - become unfamiliar and controversial?

In Authority to Heal, Randy Clark takes you on an interactive journey to show you the historical facts behind what happened to the practice of divine healing and shares Biblical truths and surprising testimonies from church history.

Follow along in these eight (8) sessions and learn to claim this supernatural inheritance by:

  • Recognizing and overcoming deceptions that block the flow of God’s power
  • Unlocking your inheritance of healing authority
  • Deepening your understanding of God’s goodness through His signs and wonders
  • Accessing the same power in which Jesus, the early church and Spirit-empowered miracle-workers throughout history walked.

In Authority to Heal, go deeper as Randy shares his personal healing journey, eyewitness stories of miraculous healings, and revelatory insights from Scripture, theology and church history. Discover how God’s healing river has never stopped flowing… and unleash its power in your life today!

NOTE: DVD set is designed to be used with Authority to Heal Leader's Guide.

Book available - click here    /    Study Guide available - click here    /    Leader's Guide available - click here    /    Curriculum available - click here 


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ISBN-13: 9780768408799
Publisher: Destiny Image
Publication Date: January 17, 2017
Format: DVD set
No. of Discs: 3 discs
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