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 107 Things I Forgot To Say
Author: Ray Hughes
SKU: 107T

107 Things I Forgot To Say the Last Time I Talked About Worship, Creativity, and Music... In pursuit of simplicity that is found only in wonder, this guided journal gives you and I the chance to slow down and saunter together.

Market price: $14.99 save 50%
 Abiding In the Father's Love
Author: Joe McIntyre

One of the most life-changing truths that we can experience is the amazing fact that the God of the Universe, God the Judge of all, loves us intensely. Your heavenly Father is calling you to intimate, life-changing fellowship with Him.

Market price: $8.00 save 12%
 Awed By His Grace CD sets DAMAGED
Speaker: Dr. Randy Clark

Same version of Randy's Awed By His Grace CD, in hard plastic case. There are cracks to all cases, but no damage to inside. 

In this teaching, Randy shares with us much of his personal journey, being awed by His grace. Then he reinforces our understanding that coming into relationship with God is so much more than just being forgiven. Our prayer is that each of us will learn to grow in showing that same grace to others, that they might truly experience the Father's heart through us.

Market price: $8.00 save 38%
 Beautiful One 2012 audio downloads
Speaker: Julie MeyerPatricia KingSheri HessStacey CampbellTheresa DedmonTrisha Frost

Beautiful One began in 2009 as a unique conference designed just for women. Every August, Beautiful One draws together women of all ages. Lives are changed forever as women teach, pray and laugh together. These days together will leave a lasting impression that will affect generations to come. This is an MP3 set download of the conference held in Lancaster, PA, in August 2012.

Market price: $29.00 save 83%
 Christmas CD
Artist: Julie Meyer

With three original songs and six traditional carols, Christmas is an eclectic mix of styles, seamlessly flowing together as it unfolds the story of good news for mankind. With a gospel choir, a little bluegrass, acoustic guitar, children’s voices, new arrangements, and more, there is something for everyone on this album, as we celebrate Christ coming to earth.

Market price: $15.00 save 20%
 Church In the Middle
Author: Rolland Daniels

Stepping Outside the Building To Reach the World of Tomorrow... An attractional approach, where we rely on people to come to our churches to be introduced to Jesus, isn't going to be enough anymore. Our congregations will be most effective in reaching coming generations when we exit our buildings and engage people as Jesus did, in servanthood, compassion and love.

Market price: $13.99 save 21%
 Come Up Higher
Author: Paul L. King

Rediscovering Throne Life: The Highest Christian Life for the 21st Century... Paul King has brought together influential voices from church history who have experienced and written about the higher life in Christ - the throne life.

Market price: $16.99 save 12%
 Counter Culture
Author: David Platt

A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture in a World of Poverty, Same-Sex Marriage, Racism, Sex Slavery, Immigration, Abortion, Persecution, Orphans and Pornography... Seeminly overnight, culture has shifted to the point where right and wrong are no longer measured by truth but by popular opinion.

Market price: $19.99 save 20%
 Dream Journey Workbook
Author: Andy MasonJanine Mason

ON SALE!  Discovering and going after your dreams is like going on a journey. It is an adventure with Father God where you experience more of Him and uncover the greatness He has placed inside you. This Dream Journey Workbook will help you on your path of discovery.

Market price: $15.99 save 50%
 Eight Weeks With No Water
Author: Andrew MaloneyChristy Maloney

ON SALE!  A Testimony of a Sustaining Miracle... Christian Maloney almost didn't make it into this world. Read this testimony of the Lord's sustaining grace working through faith.

Market price: $9.95 save 50%
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