Cultivate Revival

In addition to being for “the one,” revival is for the many. Revival is contagious. It spreads virally. As we become saturated with the heart of God, hope and joy and love bubble out of us, reigniting in others that which was reignited in us.

Our prayer for Cultivate Revival is that it’s not just a time of powerful encounters for personal refreshing (although we want that very much!), but also a time of training and equipping. We will teach you about revival. Past and present. We will show you how to steward your reignited fire. Even more than that, we will give you the tools to help you cultivate revival in your sphere of influence, equipping you to be a catalyst that reignites fires, passions, and dreams in those around you.

Are you in need of a fresh touch of God? Are you looking for ways to expand your faith to affect those around you? Are you interested in learning about the precursors to revival? Would you like to be able to discern when a mighty move of God is imminent? Do you long to see your friends, family, and city radically saved and transformed by the power of His name? If so, come join us as we lift up the name above all names, rejoice in him again, and discover how to cultivate His revival.

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