It is still possible for you to live the dream of God for your life, and we would love to play a part in seeing that happen.

Many are asking, “Am I really defined by my past? Are people just the sum of their experiences? Do I have to just push my feelings down and ignore the pain of my past?” We know what it’s like to be broken—we have been broken, traumatized, and felt beaten down. It’s in that place that we learned that Jesus is with us at the bottom of life and that He will weep with us on the ash heap, and walk with us into freedom.

This event is designed to dispel the idea that emotional healing is difficult or complex; that deliverance is dramatic and scary. On the contrary, time and time again, we have seen that as we encounter God’s love and compassion in a fresh way, we are propelled toward inner health and equipped with tools to minister to others.

The Unbroken Plan

  1. Have a fresh love-encounter with God.
  2. Receive personal healing for yourself.
  3. Get equipped to minister to others.

Purchase session recordings from the Unbroken conference. Unbroken is about inner healing and features Dr. Mike Hutchings, known for his PTSD prayer model that has healed thousands of people.