• Obedience vs Greatness

  • Open Heaven / Are You Thirsty?

  • Prayer and Deliverance Card in ENGLISH

    Prayer and Deliverance Card

  • cover image of pressing in booklet

    Pressing In / Spend and Be Spent

  • image of Prophetic Destiny cd

    Prophetic Destiny

  • cover image of Prophetic Risk Management cd

    Prophetic Risk Management

  • cover image of renewed and repurposed cd

    Renewed and Repurposed

  • Rodney Hogue Handouts

  • image of Seven Reasons jesus had to die

    Seven Reasons Jesus Had To Die

  • Steps To Walking Out Your Healing Card

    Steps To Walking Out Your Healing Card

  • Teaching Powerpoints

  • The Basics of Prophecy Card

    The Basics of Prophecy Card

  • image of the key to becoming what god says you are

    The Key To Becoming What God Says You Are

  • image of the Kingdom and the Power pdf

    The Kingdom and the Power PDF file

  • image of The Power of Peace

    The Power of Peace

  • cover image of Thrill of Victory agony of defeat booklet

    The Thrill of Victory / The Agony of Defeat

  • Words of Knowledge

    Words of Knowledge

  • Placeholder

    Your Winning Team Card