CHCP - Deliverance courses

Purchase required books as part of the Global Certification Program (GCP)  for your CHCP – Deliverance curriculum. Join our classes and enjoy teachings from the world’s leading revivalists, engage with classmates in group learning, and get certified in healing and prophetic ministry from the comfort of your own home.

Deliverance course track is intended for pastors, assistant pastors, church leaders, evangelists, and those who wish to establish a deliverance ministry in their church or as an independent ministry. It is for those who wish to bring this vital information to their church congregations, as well as those who have an informal ministry in their homes. It is for those upon whom God has laid a burden for those who need to be set free from darkness.

Click the links to find out more about our Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) and Christian Prophetic Certification Program (CPCP).

  • CHCP - Deliverance Level 1

    CHCP – Deliverance Level 1

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  • CHCP – Deliverance Level 2

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  • CHCP – Deliverance Level 2 (Alternate Bundle)

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  • CHCP – Deliverance Level 3

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  • CHCP - Deliverance Level 4

    CHCP – Deliverance Level 4

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