2022 Kingdom Foundations Sessions – Anaheim, CA


Single session downloads from the Kingdom Foundations event in Anaheim, CA 2022 available as MP3 audio downloads or MP4 video downloads.


Kingdom Foundations 2022 Single Session Downloads – Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA at Vineyard Anaheim on January 12-15, 2022. Speakers include Bill Johnson, Charity Cook, Connie Dawson, Mike Hutchings, Randy Clark, Tom Jones, William Wood.  Single sessions from all recorded sessions are available as MP3 audio downloads or MP4 video downloads.

From the First Great Awakening to Azusa Street to Raleigh-Durham, NC, the story of Heaven coming to earth is still being written. Kingdom Foundations is designed to help you find your place in that story. To help you find your tribe. To firm up your foundation with theology, practical tools, a fresh filling, and an activation in Spiritual gifts. Discover what God is doing all around the world, and be encouraged as you dig deeper into the power of God for yourself and those you’re called to reach.

Topics would include: How to pray for the sick, how to receive and give a word of knowledge, healing prayers and much more!             NOTE: Manual to accompany these teachings is available here.

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Apostolic Network of Global Awakening


01 – Tom Jones, 02 – Charity Cook, 03 – William Wood, 04 – Charity Cook, 06 – Connie Dawson, 07 – Bill Johnson, 08 – Mike Hutchings, 09 – Bill Johnson, 10 – Randy Clark, 11 – Randy Clark, 12 – Randy Clark, 13 – Charity Cook, 14 – William Wood, 15 – Randy Clark, 16 – Randy Clark, 17 – William Wood, 18 – Connie Dawson, 05 – Bill Johnson


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