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Prepare for the Next Great Awakening… We all want revival. We talk about it, pray for it, and devise every evangelism strategy imaginable. We read about the Great Awakening and recall the Jesus Movement. And today we stand at the precipice of another sweeping spiritual outbreak. But are we ready?

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Revival Culture | Michael Brodeur & Banning Liebscher

Prepare for the Next Great Awakening… Revival comes when ready hearts collide with the power of God.

Right now, there are more than 7 billion people on the face of the earth and more than 1 billion who are under the age of 20. For the first time in human history, we have the actual possibility of a billion-soul harvest. However, due to huge changes in society, technology, media and entertainment, those who will be coming to Christ during the coming season will be very different from every generation before it.

Revival Culture is a preparation manual for this coming revival that shows not only how to reach this group but also how to make them whole-hearted disciples of Jesus and future leaders in the Body of Christ. In the pages of this book, Michael Brodeur, together with his co-authors, Banning Liebscher and Bill Johnson, provide helpful strategies to prepare for the coming harvest and build bridges for this generation to come to Jesus. They will also help you cultivate a sustainable culture of revival in your church or ministry so you can effectively reach this emerging generation for Christ.

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