Seeing Jesus

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Did you ever wish you could actually see and hear Jesus next to you? Philly Thompson never did. But one day, on the way to work, he’s forced out of his routine life when he meets a strangely dressed man on the bus.

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Seeing Jesus – A Novel | Jeffrey McClain Jones

Philly Thompson lives alone with his cat, Irving, in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago. He worries about his weight, frets about his job, longs to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and wishes his ma would stop nagging him. To you and me, a pretty average guy. To Jesus, the raw material for a miracle . . . or two.

When this ordinary guy stumbles into an extraordinary experience, everything seems possible, except staying stuck in that same dull life. Seeing and hearing Jesus right beside him rocks Philly’s world and reaches beyond him to his coworkers, his girlfriends and his family. Too bad no one else can see or hear Jesus there. Will Philly be rejected yet again? Will they just decide that he’s crazier than they imagined? Or will they let Philly’s contact with the Divine lift them out of their suffering and light their lives with hope?

Seeing Jesus Series – Book 1 of 4

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