The Other Half of the Army


Phill Olson shows us from Scripture that New Covenant women stand equally with men and have an equal right to be ministers of the Gospel. We need to abandon traditional teachings about women in ministry that cripple “half of the army,” by raising them up to the places God intended for them.

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The Other Half of the Army | Phill Olson

Women in Kingdom Ministry… In The Other Half of the Army, Phill Olson shows us from Scripture women in ministry stand equally with men. They then have the same right to fulfill all roles of ministry in the church. Men and women may have different gifts, talents and perspectives. We should celebrate these differences as we learn how they complement each other. This will require abandoning unbiblical teachings crippling “half of the army,” allowing them instead to be raised up to any role God intends for them.

Since God’s design for all culture and society is family, it follows the basic building block of God’s Kingdom, the church, should also depend on both male and female leadership.

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