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Why Your Response to Leadership Determines Your Future…   The truth is, we will all one day have to follow the leader. By teaching us how to properly relate to leadership, John Bevere shows why living under authority is better than we think.

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Under Cover | John Bevere

Why Your Response to Leadership Determines Your Future… Have you ever wrestled with how to respond to a boss or leader when you disagree? Do you ever wonder why you should listen to them in the first place?

In this newly revised and updated version, bestselling author John Bevere reemphasizes for a new generation the protective boundaries God provides through authority figures. John reveals how the enemy tricks us into believing our true destinies can be found away from divine leadership by distorting our ability to recognize God’s inherent authority and His delegated authority. By teaching us how to properly relate to leadership, John shows why living under authority provides a place where there is provision, protection, and hope for the future.

Under Cover will also help you discover:

  • How to avoid being entirely right yet somehow wrong.
  • The biblical way to respond to and overcome unfair treatment.

Complete with a brand-new chapter, discussion questions, and highlighted themes. Under Cover is a practical, life-transforming book that reveals the importance of submission to God’s authority and how to respond to the leaders in our lives.

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