Voice of the Apostles 2016 Sets


Voice of the Apostles (VOA) 2016 was held at Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA, on October 18-21, 2016.



Voice of the Apostles 2016 | Sets

Voice of the Apostles is an annual homecoming event for the Global Awakening family. It is dedicated to providing a time in which complacency is bound, despair broken and people are given a new agenda, a fresh perspective.

Too frequently, the day-to-day events absorb Christians until they feel powerless and controlled by busy schedules. Individuals are bombarded with distractions that can easily lure them away from pursuing the will of God. The Voice of the Apostles urges those individuals to come and hear the amazing stories and testimonies of what God is doing through people around the world.

Location information:

Lancaster, PA at the Lancaster County Convention Center on October 18-21, 2016. Speakers include:

  • Bill Johnson
  • Charity Cook
  • Joseph Garlington
  • Larry Randolph
  • Leif Hetland
  • Mark Chironna
  • Nina Myers
  • Paul Martini
  • Randy Clark
  • Tom Jones
  • Will Hart


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October 2016



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