Cultivate Revival 2021 Sets - Mechanicsburg, PA


Encumbered by life’s numerous responsibilities, our passion for the One who first loved us can wane. We need a fresh encounter to solidify our identity and propel us into our destiny. As we become saturated with the heart of God, hope and joy bubble out of us, reigniting in others that which is ignited in us.

Are you in need of a fresh touch of God? Are you looking for ways to expand your faith to affect those around you? Are you interested in learning about the precursors to revival? Come join us as we lift up the name above all names, rejoice in him again, and discover how to cultivate His revival.

Held in Mechanicsburg, PA at ARC (Apostolic Resource Center) on July 22-24, 2021. Speakers include Brian Starley, Charity Cook, Kim Maas and William Wood.