Reaching Millenials


Proven Methods for Engaging a Younger Generation… One question faces every church leader looking to the future: How do we attract younger generations? Many things have been already tried, but in this book, church consultant David Stark shares practical methods that have been proven to work in a variety of congregations.

Stark helps leaders identify and then use their church’s strengths to engage millennials, even those with negative views of Christianity. Based on principles that built the church of the New Testament, he shows you how churches today can reach out to their communities in ways that align with the natural, positive interests of young people.

In Reaching Millennials, you will learn how to:

  • Anticipate and overcome common barriers to faith.
  • Build trust and openness in genuine, welcomed ways.
  • Plan events that attract Millennials and also energize your own people.
  • And much more!
ISBN - 9780764217234

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