Wilderness Survival Bundle


All Jesus-followers will find themselves in a wilderness season at some point. So what makes some people thrive in life’s desert seasons, while others fall apart? This book bundle seeks to answer that question by examining God’s good purposes in our wilderness seasons. The key to making it through your wilderness is to embrace it, learn from it, encounter God in it. As a result, you will come out the other side with more power, more peace, and a higher perspective.

Katherine Ruonala and William Wood present two important messages which will encourage you when you’re in a season of dry-ness, and will equip you to minister to others who are living in a wilderness season.

  • Gain perspective on your life by learning how to fit seasons of loss into a Biblical worldview.
  • Discover the ministry anointing that only comes after successfully embracing the wilderness.
  • Help others reframe their metaphorical desert times into avenues of blessing.
  • Find tools to break out of repeating cycles of loss and death.

Don’t get stuck in the wilderness, repeating the same season over and over! The wilderness is supposed to bless us, but if we don’t embrace it, we’ll be doomed to repeat it. Let’s uncover the blessing in times of dry-ness, growing closer to Jesus along the way. It’s time to embrace the wilderness. Our prayer is that this bundle will help and be a blessing to you and others who find themselves in a hard place.

Walking In the Wilderness
Author - William Wood
ISBN - 9781944238179

From Wilderness to Wonders
Author - Katherine Ruonala
ISBN - 9781629986142

Variant: Bundle