Possessing the Gates of the Enemy


A Training Manual for Militant Intercession… Christians everywhere are waking up, tearing down strongholds, routing the enemy. This book of strategy guides everyone who wants to join the battle.


Possessing the Gates of the Enemy | Cindy Jacobs

A Training Manual for Militant Intercession… Now revised and updated, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy is an in-demand, strategic source of information on prayer and intercession. Covering everything from the call to intercede to conducting “spiritual mapping” and praying to break strongholds, this book helps believers understand the depth involved in spiritual warfare while offering a wealth of insight for new and veteran intercessors alike.

Complete with an in-depth study guide, this classic text on intercession has become required reading for everyone who is serious about prayer. Cindy Jacobs shows that whether you are a beginning “pray-er” or an expert intercessor, you can learn to pray about matters on the heart of God.

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283 pages



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June 2009


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