Changed In a Moment


Why has the Church of the latter century not seen the exponential growth of the early Church in the first century? When was the last time a local church's evangelistic team garnered 3,000 new believers in one day? Could it be that we have separated two vital components of effective Christianity? What Part of the Flame do you carry?

Many churches today stress holiness but lack power, while others display great power but are deficient in personal holiness and Christian character. Both are limited in the effectiveness of their evangelism. If we really want to win our world for Christ, we must bring both holiness and power back into our lives. Without them, we don't have anything to offer or interest the lost. A Church on fire, though, will draw countless numbers to her light. When small fires join together...

Each of these powerful men of God carry a passion for bringing the Church to its highest potential in Christ. Their individual perspectives join together in this book to bring a clearer revelation of God's view of the Church. The truths they reveal will challenge you to increase the power and holiness in your own life, that you too may burn for Jesus Christ!

ISBN - 9781937467456


From the Author:

"Changed In a Moment shares new stories that demonstrate to believers that God is still doing today what He was doing more than 15 years ago. I remain amazed at the power of God to radically change a person’s life in a matter of seconds. Join me as we seek to understand the profoundness of being “changed in a moment” by God. I hope you will be moved to tears of love and laughter of joy and at the same time experience a profound peace as you read about those who have been changed by the Prince of Peace. Read about their battles of faith and how just one touch set in motion a new life definitely changed by God. We have purposely chosen stories of men and women, of professionals and blue-collar workers, of pastors, missionaries and laypeople." ~ Randy Clark