Know the Real Jesus


A Portrait of the Historical Jesus... Know the Real Jesus is a portrait of the historical Jesus drawn from credible historical research and biblical scholarship. It is written in an easy style, accessible to all who seek to rediscover the real Jesus. When technical words are first used they are explained simply, giving good sense to the developing story of Jesus.

Alexander Venter asks and answers two basic questions: Who was Jesus, really? And who is the Jesus we preach, i.e., what, essentially, is 'the gospel' (the good news of Jesus)?

The book applies the best findings of Jesus Research to a paint a fresh picture of Jesus in his historical context, so that the reader can see him for who he was (and is - he's alive). Any meaningful rediscover of Jesus leads to a review of what we believe, how we theologise, how we do church and leadership, and indeed, how we live life. In order to know the real Jesus.

Venter first gives a comprehensive introduction to the quest for the historical Jesus, to historical study and method, and the period and literature of Second Temple Judaism of Jesus' time. The main body of the book gives an overview of the person, birth and life, mission and worldview, ministry and miracles, suffering and death, and resurrection and ascension of Jesus - all within his socio-political-religious context. It consistently reveals how radical, and even revolutionary, Jesus of Nazareth was within the crisis of Second Temple Judaism. We see what Jesus' mission, message and ministry of the Kingdom of God meant for the Jews in that time... and for all of us in our day.

The focus is on seeing Jesus in his humanity, as a young Jewish rabbi, who was an end-time prophet of Isreal, announcing and demonstrating God's Kingdom. For centuries our view of Jesus has been dominated by the Divine Saviour, the white western Jesus. But that has changed. One cannot see the real Jesus without being captivated by him. Indeed, Venter's goal in writing this book is that, by seeing Jesus more clearly than ever before, we fall in love with him and follow him more passionately in his life and mission of God’s Kingdom. Therefore, Know the Real Jesus is essentially a discipleship manual, a framework of apprenticeship to follow him and become more like him.

ISBN - 9798861097512

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