The Process of Prophecy


The Beautiful Steps of Moving in Prophecy…  The nature of God is loving, calm, peaceful, kind and beautiful. These are all vital elements of our own identity in the beauty of God. They are also keys to how we speak and move in the prophetic gift.

The understanding of how God sees, thinks and speaks to people is a powerful part of this book. It is the process of how we learn to hear His voice and speak His heart that will empower people to rise up in the Spirit and live differently. In this book, you will learn some of the secrets in developing your own rhythm of sensitivity to the Lord. you will learn to see from the heart as you restore people’s dignity and self-respect.

It is the process of becoming like God that makes us rich, not the outcome.
Book 2 of the Prophetic Equipping Series
The Process of Prophecy is a rework of Module Two from Graham’s acclaimed  book, Approaching The Heart of Prophecy.  It contains assignments, case studies, a workshop and finishes with a prophetic word.

ISBN - 9780989626293

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