Strength of My Life CD


 Over the years, Julie has gained a reputation for being “a whisper, not a foghorn” in the world of modern worship music, and Strength of My Life is no different. This serene, tranquil record is full of perspective and encouragement for anyone who is going through—or has ever gone through—an uncomfortable or challenging time in life. From start to finish, Julie’s delicate piano and soothing vocal are featured, smothered in soft-spoken synth pads and textures. The album revolves around the theme of letting go of fear and trusting God amidst hardships and uncertainty.

Track List:

  • Love By Almighty God
  • Strength of My Life
  • Going To the Other Side
  • Held Safe
  • Launching Out
  • Anchored
  • My Hiding Place
  • Healing to Broken Places
  • Rebuild
  • Dwell In Me
  • Making Room
  • How Lovely
  • Be My Wisdom
  • The Light Inside of Me
  • Shine