Take the Land


It’s Time to Claim Those Promises of God and Prophecies Over Your Life! Jesus came so that we can live life in abundance, but many feel stuck, waiting for that abundant life to manifest. Instead of merely waiting for the promise, what if the Lord is calling you to step out in boldness and claim it? This is the season to claim your promised land!

As the Lord spoke to Joshua and the Israelites about occupying the Promised Land in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is releasing supernatural strategies for you today for attaining your promise from God. Bestselling author and seer prophet Ana Werner shares her personal journey of contending for her promise from God. She releases a cutting-edge prophetic word that will launch you into your time of fulfillment and destiny! Discover how to:

  • Dream again after suffering disappointment.
  • Pick yourself off the floor of defeat and discouragement and stand in faith.
  • Expose the enemy’s schemes to confuse and delay your breakthrough.
  • Overthrow the giants in your life that prevent you from claiming your inheritance.
  • Gain practical wisdom to steward your prophetic word.
  • Operate from the seat of authority and function in your governmental role in the Spirit realm.

Stop dreaming about your promise. It’s time to step into the promised land and take what the Lord has given you!

ISBN - 9780768452921

Variant: Book