Unbroken 2020


Inner Healing Is Often the Key to Overcoming... Unbroken pursuit: Many are asking, “Is my emotional brokenness all that I am? Are we all defined and boxed-in by our past? Can anyone be healthy and free?” Unbroken proclaims that you can be free, and you can minster freedom to others.

If you are seeking inner healing for yourself or looking to bolster your existing healing ministry, Unbroken offers tools, teaching, community, and power for lasting change. Become a person of hope. Find faith to see change in yourself and others.

What to expect from Unbroken:

  1. Have a fresh love-encounter with God.
  2. Receive personal healing for yourself.
  3. Get equipped to minister to others.

You can live the dream of God for your life, and you can lead others into hope and freedom.

Held in Mechanicsburg, PA at the Apostolic Resource Center (Global Awakening headquarters) on March 5-7, 2020. Speakers included Katie Luse, Mike Hutchings, Mitch Luse and Rodney Hogue.

Format: Audio set download