User Friendly Prophecy


Guidelines for the Effective Use of Prophecy... Have you been looking for a book about prophecy that is easy to understand and substantial enough to answer all your questions? User Friendly Prophecy is particularly suited to the task.

Having been involved in prophetic ministry for most of his life, Larry Randolph has accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge and insight to answer questions like:

  • Who can prophesy?
  • What value does prophecy hold in the life of a believer?
  • How can Christians know if they are called to a prophetic ministry?
  • In what manner do people receive and develop prophetic gifting?
  • How do prophetic people related to the Body of Christ and its leadership?
  • What is the proper use of prophecy in the modern church?

But Randolph goes further than these questions, because he knows that some have what he calls an "insatiable hunger to know how, when and where to use their

ISBN - 9781560436959

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