A Guided Prayer Journey


A Journal for Writing Personalized Prayers That Avail Much... Have you struggled for the right words when you pray? Have you wanted to pray with someone who really knows how to get answers? Do you crave a more intimate prayer conversation with your heavenly Father? This prayer journey will take you there!

Whether you're new to prayer or a seasoned pray-er, A Guided Prayer Journey will lead you on a journey like no other. With encouragement and guidance, you will discover that you are skilled to write the best prayers for you. Bestselling author of the Prayers That Avail Much series, Germaine Copeland, who has taught a generation to pray, will walk hand-in-hand with you through the prayer process, teaching you how she builds strong, effective prayers that get results.

You'll discover:

  • Seven building blocks of strong prayer;
  • Guides, cues, and tips page by page to enhance your prayer life;
  • How God's Word can write powerful prayers for you;
  • How to enjoy authentic, heart-to-heart conversation with your Father-God;
  • A personal, interactive journal experience to elevate your prayers;
  • No matter where you are in prayer, there's a deeper place to go.

You will come away excited and confident that the best way to learn even more about prayer is to pray more. Begin your journey now. Changing your prayer life will change your entire life!

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ISBN - 9781667500027

Variant: Book