Almighty Is His Name


The Riveting Story of Sophal Ung... Almighty is His Name is the riveting story of God’s hand of protection as missionary SoPhal Ung and his family fought for their lives in Cambodia.

Although the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in 1979, SoPhal started a house church. The church grew from five members to six hundred in eight months. Because of this, he was arrested for this “illegal” activity, imprisoned, severely beaten, and chained by hand and foot. Sophal lost seventy-five pounds in the terrible ordeal, and God miraculously spared his life on numerous occasions. Later SoPhal fled with his wife and children to Thailand and spent ten years ministering to other Cambodian exiles.

This page-turning narrative, recounted by Randy Clark (founding director of Global Awakening) showcases an extraordinary kind of courage that was found in the heart of a man whose faith in Jesus Christ never wavered even in the face of unspeakable evil. SoPhal continues to train countless leaders, feed orphans, house and clothe the poor, and witness miracle upon miracle. For anyone seeking proof of God’s greatness, this unforgettable true story will prove without a doubt that God is faithful.

ISBN - 9781629986326

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