Biblical and Historical Answers to Cessationism


In these teachings, Randy explains the rise and influence of cessationism in the church (the belief that God ceased dispensing spiritual gifts when the last apostles died and Scripture was fully in place). He builds a strong biblical foundation with support from personal experience to show that God is indeed still very interested in setting the captives free and healing His children.

These sessions are from a past event when more time could be given to this topic. There is still a strong underlying current of cessationism in the church of our day, so these lessons will help equip you to address the concern that “God doesn’t do those things anymore.”

This set contains three 1-hour teachings on the history of healing in Christianity, and three additional 1-hour sessions on the doctrine of cessationism (the assertion that the spiritual gifts ended at the end of the Apostolic Age).

NOTE:  DVD set has 6 sessions on 3 discs.