The Biblical Guidebook to Deliverance


Access God's Supernatural Power and Authority to Defeat the Devil...  Many people are unconsciously living in bondage. Marriages are failing, drugs are rampant, pornography is everywhere, and even Christians have given up—on God, the church, and themselves.

The Biblical Guidebook to Deliverance by Randy Clark provides you with the supernatural power and authority to fight your battles and be free from oppression. Packed full of scriptural, yet practical teaching, this book will help you learn how deliverance was part of Jesus’s ministry in the New Testament. And how you have access to the same power--enabling you to live a life free from the chains of sin.

No matter what situation you are going through, God will give you His grace so that you can rejoice in freedom and live in the fullness of life that He intends for you.

ISBN - 9781629980362 English
ISBN - 9781629983325 Spanish