The Call of God


An Invitation to Partner With Heaven… The Call of God by Steve and Sally Wilson demonstrates that divine callings are not limited to church leadership or full-time ministry. A university professor knows he or she is called to teach because they feel the same anointing of the Holy Spirit in the classroom as an evangelist feels in a crusade. A doctor can host the presence of God in the emergency room, and a car dealer can put ministry to people first in his or her business.

When the call of God begins to have this kind of impact on us it signals a great awakening. Believers begin to take responsibility to be atmosphere changers instead of waiting for something to happen. The theme of this book is that God has extended an invitation to each of us. An invitation to come into a strategic partnership with Him in extending His kingdom and bringing in the harvest. The time of waiting is over; it is now time to fulfill the call of God.

ISBN - 9781944238131

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