Children, Can You Hear Me?


Do your children hear God? Of course they do! God loves children. He reveals himself freely to kids, speaking to them as a best friend. This book by Brad Jersak will encourage the childlike faith that opens the hearts of children to hear God’s voice and see his face–even the child in you!

Each picture shows children meeting and talking with Jesus in a variety of life-settings. The illustrations by Ken Save beg the question: “Where is Jesus in this picture? What is He doing?” Every page acts as a stand-alone listening exercise for children, prompting interactive prayer. It includes a chapter on "Listening Prayer With Your Children".

Children, Can You Hear Me? trains kids to practice God’s presence in their lives. Imagine raising an entire generation that hears God’s voice every day!

Hardcover version
ISBN - 9780978017477

Variant: Book