Conversation Starters for Christians


With all the Conversation Starters out there, why another one? It’s simple! As Christians, we have a spiritual component to our lives that the typical Conversation Starter question does not address. Conversation Starters for Christians has questions specifically designed to create connection and community and to encourage faith. Each question can cause you to think and be inspired to have deep, exciting and meaningful conversations.

  • Powerful tool to spark interaction and take your conversations to the next level. There are 400 thought provoking questions that breakdown communication barriers in order to build relationships, cultivate connection, openness and vulnerability.
  • Improve your quality time with other Christians by asking questions that inspire life lessons, encourage confessions and provide insights to learn more about faith and walking with God.
  • Listening to others’ journeys of faith will encourage you to be your best self for God.
  • Empowers you to know the people in your life in a more meaningful way. Helps you to know and understand others and yourself better.
  • No rules. Just great conversation.
2 Categories of Questions:

The Shallow End = Questions for those relationships are still being built. It is an opportunity to test the waters for trust and vulnerability. (i.e. Is there a Christian music artist that you especially love? What do you like about their music? — If God offered you a superpower, what would you want it to be?)

The Deep End = Questions for those who want to move into greater intimacy and connection. Questions that challenge individuals to be vulnerable and open. (i.e. What was your church experience like while you were growing up? — How did your relationship with your birth father impact your view of Father God?)

A perfect gift for:

  • Christians looking to go deeper in their relationships with other Christians.
  • Church leaders and small group leaders seeking to stimulate community in their people.
  • Youth group leaders wanting their youth to connect more with one another and the Lord.
  • Christian Life Coaches who want to spur their clients to go deeper with God and others.


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