Randy Clark Core Message Series


Relax and enjoy Randy's foundational teachings as you learn about healing ministry, evangelism, victory and defeat, healing prayer, anointing and much more. This bundle includes all 11 of Randy Clark's core message teachings.

Files List:

  • Awed By His Grace / Out of the Bunkhouse
  • Biblical Basis for Healing
  • Christ In You / The Hope of Glory
  • Evangelism Unleashed
  • Healing In the Atonement / The Power of the Lord's Supper
  • Healing Out of Intimacy
  • Learning to Minister Under the Anointing / Healing Ministry In Your Church
  • Open Heaven / Are You Thirsty?
  • Pressing In / Spend and Be Spent
  • Thrill of Victory / Agony of Defeat
  • Words of Knowledge

NOTE: All items are digital. Audio download bundle is MP3 files that are emailed to you. PDF bundle is files that are emailed to you. USB stick is a drive that will be mailed to you, with digital files.