Deliverance Ministry Manual


The Acts29online Ministry Manual is primarily a collection of Christian healing and deliverance prayers that have been time-tested and proven during more than 20 years of ministry. It is designed for the prayer minister who is already familiar with inner healing and deliverance ministry; providing Scripture-based prayers that address both broad and very specific issues.

It is organized by category: ancestral iniquity, womb and early life issues, forgiveness/judgments/vows, sins against the body, occult, and other general prayers. Each category opens with an introduction to the topic and an explanation for why and how choices within that area can affect the health and well-being of the born again Believer. Within each category, specific prayers are arranged alphabetically for easy reference. This revision of an earlier printing includes an extensive suggested reading list and several ministry protocols developed by other healing ministries and reprinted by permission.

"It's been a long wait but we think it's worth it. The Acts29online Ministry Manual has been re-organized for easier use. We have added 100 pages of prayers, explanations, instructions, and helpful ministry hints. It is spiral bound so it will lay flat without cracking the spine. Prayers are organized alphabetically by category for easy reference. The Manual is a full sized 8.5" x 11" and contains 335 pages. Yes, you could use it as a door stop. But it will also work really well as an intensive guide to healing and deliverance prayer ministry." ~ Laurie Gross

Main Categories

  • Getting Started - The Outline
  • Ancestral Iniquity - Basic Prayers
  • Ancestral Iniquity - Potential Strongholds
  • Pre-Birth and Birth Ministry
  • Forgiveness - Introduction
  • Deliberate Sin Against the Body
  • Helpful Prayers and Protocols
  • Occult and False Religion
  • Stronghold Protocol

Spiral Bound Manual
ISBN - 9798218950248

Variant: Book